Focused forward because we stand on our past.

Located in Northern Virginia, CSG USA Inc. was established in August 2018 as the U.S. subsidiary of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) to pursue business opportunities in the United States. Specifically, CSG USA promotes and develops the myriad brands within the CSG portfolio across U.S. defense, aerospace, law enforcement, and security markets; expands the Group’s ability and opportunity to provide niche capabilities in these areas; and secures attractive partnerships and joint ventures in the U.S. for CSG holdings.

Currently, CSG USA acts as a business broker, performing some strategic communications, market research, business intelligence, and sales activities under this function. In short order, the company has garnered the interest of both government and commercial organizations in the United States. It has already identified and established several partnership opportunities, directed sales, and continues to conduct outreach across the U.S. defense, security, and protection markets.

CSG USA’s creation is a tangible example of CSG’s commitment to orienting the company “westward,” addressing the growing demand for high quality, lower cost equipment and services (military and commercial), and introducing more partners and customers to CSG’s already diverse portfolio of market leading products and services.

CSG USA’s Mission is to provide superior quality defense, security, and protection products and services that exceed customer expectations and enable their mission success.

Additionally, its Vision is to be a reliable, globally-recognized leader in the commercial, security, and protection markets.

By 2023, CSG USA envisions a growing and self-sustaining company that works collaboratively with other CSG subsidiaries to pursue global business opportunities and partnerships. A name synonymous with excellence, CSG USA should be your partner of choice.

representing Czech and Slovak companies on international markets

providing a comprehensive solutions all over the world

regional leader in defence and aerospace export revenues



Industrial holding

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