A major order to supply 13 radars to China continues despite the coronavirus pandemic. For a while, the arrivals of Chinese customer representatives to the Czech Republic are forcibly stopped, but production continues according to plan and ELDIS also dealt with the training of radar operators. Because training in the standard way is not possible, it took place on-line, thus overcoming distance and time shift.


On-line training is an inevitable trend in the current situation. That is why ELDIS went in this way. Preparing online training for the operation of a complex radar system wasn‘t an easy task, moreover, due to the necessary cooperation with a remote customer. An important step for the successful completion of the training was the intensive cooperation of several departments. The training involved technical and service departments, employees of the software and hardware departments.

ELDIS won the contract to supply 13 radars to China last year. Specifically, there are one primary, eight secondary and four combined radars. If this contract is successful, the company will have the door open for further tenders.

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